Grace Family Bible Church


Utilizing Video Cameras


One of the difficulties that individuals sometimes have with using video cameras to spread the message of God's Word rightly divided. There are two different ways to use cameras and each brings their own unique challenge.


Taping of a regular service


The gathering together of the saints is done to edify, exhort, and build individuals up for eldership. Introducing a camera creates problems at times, because many people want to speak directly to the camera in this situation. By doing this, they will either turn it into a situation where they are attempting to evangelize only or go back over material many times in the anticipation that this is the first time someone is hearing this message.


These methods do a disservice to the individuals who are actually in the room with you at the time. The camera should be treated as just another individual who is in attendance and is hearing the same message being presented. The growth of all members of the Body of Christ is important.


It is also important to not stare at the camera in this situation. Again, this is just another person in the room. You can make eye contact with the camera at times, but should not be focused primarily there.


Taping specifically for a video


In this case, the camera is really the only person being spoken to. Eye contact should be made with the camera at all times. In some professional settings, where there is more than one camera, this should be done as well.


The reason for this is you are making a connection with the individual who is watching the video. They will be watching for the particular message and this will allow them to feel connected to the presenter and what is being said.


The message in this case will be particular to the purpose for which the video is being created. It is important to remember to stay on task and focus on the material which is being presented.